Consulting, Motion Design & Branding for Innovation

« When you are developing a new business, looking for investors, or creating a digital strategy - whether you are a startup or a large corporation - I can help you solve 3 problems : »


You want a product or service that resonates with the digital needs of users. Most current leaders are struggling with this, because of a generation gap.


Advertising is inefficient and presentations are boring. Don't waste your budget paying Facebook or Google Ads. To grab the attention of your audience, you must create video and animated media content that either educate, convince or delight.


Build a strong brand or refresh an existing one. Branding is about the entire user experience: from your logo to your web site, but also your videos, or the design of your offices! Beyond design, your workplace culture is now part of your public image, so consider how you treat your employees!

My clients are prestigious brands and startups

Many under long-term contracts and confidentiality terms.

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Frequent Questions

Are you an agency?

No. I am not an "agency", although my clients are billed via my registered company in Switzerland. I operate as a hybrid between a design studio and a business consultant.

Why is Motion Design important for marketing?

Because marketing communications is now performed through screens. And Motion design is the most complete storytelling art for screens of all sizes. It is both visual and audio, incorporates both video and graphic design, allows for real imagery as well as abstract visuals, computer generated effects, illustration, 3D, typography, etc.. It can be driven by data and can be made to react to user inputs (web/mobile/VR). This goes much beyond what "motion graphics" was, back in days of TV. Learn more about this in my white paper "Motion Design for Content Marketing" (link in menu)

What are the budget levels of your services?

I mix time-based and fixed-price budgets. In fairness to my clients, I'm totally transparent on pricing and publish all my rates on this page (subscribe to get the link). In broad terms, most of my engagements and productions range between 5,000 and 50,000 CHF/euros/$

Do you have special prices for startups?

Yes! I am entrepreneur myself, so I know how hard it is to set budgets when you are not making revenues yet. So here is my deal: I'll help you out with a discounted working price, until your business is launched.

Are you looking for creative partners?

Yes. When projects require specific skills that I cannot meet, I may recommend other freelancers to my clients. In 2019, I'm looking for partners with the following background: - 2D character illustrator - D3.js developer - Unreal artist/developer

We have secret stuff. Can we trust you to keep it confidential?

Absolutely. As a long-time innovation marketing specialist, I am experienced with confidentiality and Intellectual Property. Indeed, a part of my work has always been about future products. So, beyond usual legal agreements, I have operating procedures for dealing with sensitive data (3D/CAD models, strategic marketing plans, future press releases etc.). And I do not sub-contract any of my work. That's much safer than any agency.

I am located in Nyon, in the region of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. I work both remote and in-house, alternating between deep-focus production and teamwork with your staff, as appropriate.

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